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I am working on a Sherlock coord because I am a huge Sherlockian and BBC’s Sherlock is my primary love in life outside of lolita.

Lolita fandom coords can be tricky, and honestly the majority I have seen looked tacky and costumey.

The trick is to make a lolita coord that no one outside the fandom would recognize as a fandom coord - something that follows the rules of lolita but brings in the fandom elements in a subtle manner (like the hedgehog brooch, purple shirt of sex, bee ring, ect) instead of wearing an actual deerstalker and a bulky Belstaff (which would be all wrong for the silhouette anyways).

I just bought the coat, I have everything else except a classy blue silk scarf (a wool scarf would be too casual) and the purse which I am in the process of commissioning. 

I’ll post pictures when I am finished! Hopefully I can be even prettier than drunk John. :)

Hi anyone and everyone who is still following my tumblr.

I know its been over eight months since I posted new coords. The truth is these past few months I have been really struggling with my weight.

I have severe hypothyroidism and right when I started my blog my endocrinologist changed my thyroid meds, causing me to gain over 45 lbs in a matter of months. I tried to dress differently to hide it, but it finally got to the point where I became too disheartened to dress up half the time let alone post picture. I’ve since switched to new meds and have lost 20 lbs of it, but I still feel really self conscious in lolita (and normal clothing). I really don’t want this to get in the way of a fashion I love. I feel like such a hypocrite for believing everyone -regardless of size - can dress well but somehow not wanting to share my pictures anymore just because I’m not back at the weight I’m ¬†comfortable with.¬†

I know that I am not the only lolita who struggles with weight issues, so I am going to resume my blog. Lolitas come in all shapes in sizes and can all look lovely. While I hope to get back to my previous weight with new meds, diet and exercise even if you aren’t the “ideal” size you can rock this fashion and dress well.

Thank you to all the people who messaged me saying they missed my coords, it means the world to me. You will never know how much I appreciated and loved your kind words.

Hope you enjoy all the new coords! <3

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