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My Innocent World Union Jack JSK finally came in the mail! So excited I had to put it on right after work. I am almost finished with my royal crown coord, I just need to make a scepter. Still slowly but surely losing weight, so hopefully the dress will look better in about a month when I have lost a little bit more.

JSK: Innocent World Union Jack

Blouse: The Floral Notebook

Necklace and Ring: Sheglit

Choker and Earrings: Vintage

Crown: custom made by the TudorShoppe

Purse: Innocent World

OTK’s: Innocent World

Shoes: Mojo Moxy

Thanks to every one who voted for my coords in the Coord Collage Contest!

I think I am going to be filling my tumblr with more coords collages in between outfit shots. I will still be posting my outfits, but lately I haven’t had a lot of occasions to dress up or someone to take pictures when I do. Hopefully fall/winter meets will change that - but in the meantime who doesn’t love coord collages? :)

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