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YetanotherJ-Fash blog: Krad Lanrete Lost in the Sea Blue - Overseas Buyers Compilation


I want to compile a list of lolis who were able to snag any JSK or OP from the Krad Lanrete jellyfish series. If you managed to secure ANY jellyfish dress in any size, and you are comfortable with sharing the information, please reblog OR send me a message with



Size -

I got the OP, L short style in dark blue! I am so excited!

Latest coord for a meetup! Spent half the night before working on my headpiece. The miniature book was such a pain to sew on I ended up resorting to the hot glue gun!

Sorry for the poor image quality, I am so pale I don’t show up half the time in outdoor photos (I’m secretly a loli-ghost).

JSK: Innocent World Royal Library

Blouse: Taobao

Tights: Teja Jamilla

Shoes: Sofft

Hairpiece: handmade by me

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